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The Theatre - JBK405 - 10-05-2014

We've had one of these threads just about everywhere, so let's keep it going on our new home. Drama, comedy, musical, and all other sorts of theatrical theatricality are welcome!

I just got back from seeing Can-Can earlier today, a revival of the play from the 1950's. It was...okay. Very impressive dance numbers and performances, but the plot was poorly put together and didn't seem to know what it wanted to be. It also had an actor that I would say was bert, but since I'm pretty sure he doesn't commute to Jersey for weekend matinees I'm going to instead say that bert has a long-lost brother whom I have discovered. Congratulations on your new family!

What theatre des everybody else enjoy?

RE: The Theatre - Lady_Hawkeye - 10-05-2014

I very rarely get to go to the theatre but last time I went was a couple of years back when Michel knowing how I enjoy opera got us a couple of tickets for an aria.

I had a blast, got to dress up all cute and fancy and enjoyed the show. Later on, I asked Michel if he liked it and he admited that he didn't really like the music but enjoyed watching me enjoying it.

RE: The Theatre - Lady_Hawkeye - 10-06-2014

So I just watched the latest Bob's Burger episode and I now want JBK to put on a one man show musical about Die Hard Smile

RE: The Theatre - bert - 10-06-2014

We went to see "Evil Dead: the Musical" a few weeks back.

not near as insane as I was hoping it would be, with very lazy writing (they leaned heavily on lines from the movies to get audience pops).

In a small, off-Broadway theater, I probably would have liked it.

where we saw it? (on a large stage).

not so much.

RE: The Theatre - JBK405 - 10-06-2014

That's about what I would expect; I saw some ads for that show and it didn't look very impressive, probably getting more mileage out of nostalgia and kitschy charm.  Sometimes the venue makes all the difference.

(10-06-2014, 12:10 AM)Lady_Hawkeye Wrote:  So I just watched the latest Bob's Burger episode and I now want JBK to put on a one man show musical about Die Hard Smile

Hmmm.....I could pull it off.

RE: The Theatre - Lady_Hawkeye - 10-06-2014

(10-06-2014, 01:19 AM)JBK405 Wrote:  Hmmm.....I could pull it off.

Well, if you think it's too much for one person, I could always join you like in the episode and we could do a Die Hard/Working Girl musical.

RE: The Theatre - bert - 10-06-2014

(10-06-2014, 01:45 AM)Lady_Hawkeye Wrote:  Well, if you think it's too much for one person, I could always join you like in the episode and we could do a Die Hard/Working Girl musical.

naw.. combine it with Kinky Boots and perform it as:

Die Kinky

[Image: diepuppe1.jpg]

RE: The Theatre - AndrewCrossett - 10-06-2014

I like all kinds of theater, but I don't seem to go very often. The last live production I saw was the Binghamton University theater department's production of "Rent"... almost a year ago now, I guess. I was amazed. It was a Broadway quality performance. In fact, it was better than the clips I've seen online of the final Broadway cast. Their Angel was particularly good.

They were short on black cast members, though, so Benny and Tom were white.

RE: The Theatre - Rozen - 10-06-2014

I'm in the same boat as Andrew: I love theatre to death, but I'm rarely able to see a performance myself. I'd always watch recorded versions and film adaptations, though.

RE: The Theatre - AndrewCrossett - 11-24-2014

I just went to see A Chorus Line today at the university. It was very good... not quite as good as last year's production of Rent, which was Broadway quality... but very good.

I'd really like to see another show on Broadway, but those damn tickets are so expensive it's like a weekend at Disney World. And I'm not even sure what's playing now that's worth seeing.

RE: The Theatre - Weeto - 11-24-2014

Not a theatre person at all.

I haven't been to the theatre (and I'm glad this thread doesn't use the ugly American theater spelling!) since 1991 when my school went to a pantomime (which a very British Christmas tradition) version of The Snow Queen at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow. Having 150 kids from Greenock was the only safe way to go through the Gorbals!

It was pretty good but theatre isn't really a thing I go for. I'm sure there are some comedy shows and that sort of thing that I'd like but a problem for me is the late start times as I'm reliant on getting back by bus as my town doesn't have any train stations and the late buses from Glasgow can be crazy as you get clubbers and people who have been drinking in bars too. I can't get to the better pro wrestling shows in Glasgow for the same reasons.

RE: The Theatre - JBK405 - 03-07-2015

I just saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch last night, what a show.   John Cameron Mitchell, the original Hedwig, was back in the role and this was a show.  Loud and powerful and freaking ROCKING!  With the set-up, staging and performances it was almost like being at an actual rock concert, I found myself throwing horns more than once.

I had very little idea of what I was in for going in.  I knew the premise in the most general of sense, but that pretty much was limited to being able to explain the title.  Everything else came at me cold.  Hedwig's history is, of course, heartbreaking, as is her and Yitzhak's current @#$%ed up relationship.  The production was extremely technically impressive; they would often throw projections up against a mesh screen in front of the performers and it was a very effective optical illusion, really good stuff.

What I find so completely ironic though, and I mean so completely frikkin' ridiculous, is that two days ago (i.e. one day before I saw the show) the chapter that I posed in my fanfic was this show.  I mean, not exactly of course (her name is Janice, not Hedwig), but rock band fronted by a transwoman...yeah, that's what I wrote.  What are the odds of that?

RE: The Theatre - JBK405 - 03-18-2015

Holy Crap, there's a Broadway show based on a graphic novel by Alison Bechdel (Fun Home)? Alison Bechdel's on Broadway?!?!?!

I'm going, period. Previews start this coming Friday, if I can I'm going to the first show.

RE: The Theatre - JBK405 - 03-18-2015

Ticket obtained! Woo hoo!

RE: The Theatre - Rozen - 03-18-2015

(03-18-2015, 01:03 AM)JBK405 Wrote:  Holy Crap, there's a Broadway show based on a graphic novel by Alison Bechdel (Fun Home)?  Alison Bechdel's on Broadway?!?!?!

I'm going, period.  Previews start this coming Friday, if I can I'm going to the first show.

Huh. Curious about this. :o

RE: The Theatre - JBK405 - 03-18-2015

Yeah, me, too. I just learned about it two hours ago when I stumbled on some random "Broadway shows you need to see" article and...holy crap. I thought I must have misread the author or that there was a playwright out there with a similar name, but nope, this is the same Dykes to Watch Out For, Bechdel Test-spawning Alison Bechdel we've had.

I'm going to be at the very first showing of the preview performances of the Broadway run.

RE: The Theatre - JBK405 - 03-28-2015

I saw Fun Home last night, and whoa.

Despite being the first night of Previews, which can sometimes come across as essentially a dress-rehearsal since they're still working out kinks and finalizing before opening, it was a full production without noticeable errors or work-in-progress.

The Circle in the Square Theatre was a very interesting venue; seating goes right up to the stage all around its sides, and in the front row I was essentially on the stage (They even came around before the start and told us not to stand up during the show, as we would literally walk into the actors).  Great staging and mechanics; there were plenty of drop-aways and elevated platforms that would lower and raise up through the floor.

The story is, of course, heartbreaking, as Alison struggles with her own sexuality and dealing with her family, who have their own issues that collide and merge with hers.  The choreography and music was wonderful, and I was actually very impressed by the child actors.  Normally kids are the weak spot in any kind of production (Because they're kids), or they get people way too old dressed down, but they were actually children and they kept up with the singing and dancing no problem.

After I saw the show I went to a surprise birthday party for my sister's boyfriend, and surprisingly two people there had actually heard of the original graphic novel, which I didn't expect at all.

RE: The Theatre - Lady_Hawkeye - 03-31-2015

Hey JBK,

Found this story about Fun Home.

RE: The Theatre - JBK405 - 03-31-2015

Yeah, it's apparently been blowing up all throughout the theatre scene, the previews are sold out and it's getting great press. That's all fantastic, because it's a really good show even apart from the background and importance of its story.

RE: The Theatre - Lester C - 03-31-2015

*removed post about Spider-man because further reseach showed injuries to cast were MUCH more serious than I remember.*