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The 2017 Christmas Thread of Doom!
Christmas is beginning to zoom into view.

I’ve got most of the non perishable stuff for Christmas already. A couple of smaller gifts to pick up still for me but not much.

I got my parents their main gifts already, nice winter jacket and some Nike NBA T shirts for my Dad, cashmere cardigan and chocolates for my Mum, a matching toaster and kettle, an Italian food hamper and calendar with Cocker Spaniels and a couple of other little things.

I did fairly well. So far I’ve had about £600 in cash, an Xbox One X, a Nintendo Switch (paid most of it myself but got a lot of help to do so in small instalments) and I have a Spectrum Next coming soon too (paid most of it but got upgraded to the top model by my Dad) and I’ve had several games as gifts too.

Christmas dinner will almost certainly be the same soup, roast beef with veggies and some kind of nice dessert combo we’ve had almost every year for 25 years. Chocolate semifreddo is leading the betting. It’s a sort of mixture between mousse and ice cream. Really nice!
I've been invited to Christmas dinner at a family friend's house.

My boss gave me my bonus already this year.

I bought books for my nephew and two of my cousins.

I'm pretty much done with shopping because I really don't have anyone to shop for this year.

Oh, and I bought my own Xmas gift when I bought the VIP meet and greet package over the Thanksgiving Weekend 50% off sale for the Dirkschneider concert next April.

Barnes & Noble bookstore sent me a 10 dollar gift card today. (11/30/17)
Picked up two new Christmas music CD's at Best Buy today... The Temptations Christmas and a Motown Christmas compilation. I'd already bought the new Cheap Trick Christmas CD, but haven't listened to it yet.
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I’m going to need to pick up a coat and possibly a necklace for my Mum and a cardigan for my Aunt next time I’m in Glasgow or Braehead mall.

My Dad asked me to look online but I didn’t see that much to be honest.

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