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The Mys-Tech Wars
Anyone here remember this one?

[Image: Mys-Tech_Wars_Vol_1_1.jpg]

It was a big Marvel UK story in the early 90's.

I've owned all of them decided to give it a go again and while it smells 90's comics, it's not super bad. Not great but not awful either.

It's incredibly violent for the time. Most Marvel heroes die in a rather graphic way. Of course they manage to "reboot" the story so that no one died but still, for a "regular" Marvel book, it's really nuts. Most heroes don't remember that story but Doctor Strange and Xavier still remember it.

You know things are bad when we get this picture of heroes grabbing fallen bad guy guns to fight back.

[Image: Mys-Tech-Wars-003-16.jpg]

Some of the stuff was sorta bad writing though. Jean Grey grabbing a gun and blowing her head off in front of Xavier because Cyclops died sounds really off for the character.

Psylocke gets shoot in the head and still fights on with half of her face missing.
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