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My future work plans...
I'm trying to think what to do and while I have the chance of interviews with a store and a call centre coming up, I'm really looking at the idea of having a pet products stall at one of the large Glasgow malls, even if it is just a sideline project. If the pet stall can give me enough to get by on, then running events on top of this could be realistic.

Running an events management business probably isn't something I could do full time immediately and running a small business could be what I need to get going.

I'm waiting to see what happens with the job interviews though. Getting a full time job might be enough for me just now.
I had thought about a pet supplies kiosk but it would be too expensive to setup in one of the bigger malls and I don't want a local store space. The Braehead mall might be a better option but I think they might want too much money upfront and too long a commitment to be a safe option. I'm looking at trying to get that little store job I applied for and looking for a home based sideline at the moment.
Once you get a a steady income started -- even if it's small at first -- your options expand significantly. You can take hold of a lot of your options then.
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I’m going to an interview for a local store on Monday. It’s a full time job with variable hours. I did specify I was looking for the higher level of hours on the application as I need to be working full time but the fact I’m very local could be very good in terms of getting longer hours if I get the job.

The one positive is that I was looking to work for myself too so getting a job with some off hours gives me time to work on some little projects of my own to supplement my income.
Decided not to go for the interview and I got my sickness benefits sorted our instead. My new doctor is a little Hungarian guy and he is very polite and he was really helpful and back dated my sick note without any bother as he was actually the doctor that sent my Dad to the hospital and saw him the previous time.

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