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My life is changing fast.
As you all know, my Dad died three months ago, my Mum moved to full time care and I went from a full time carer to having a lack of direction. I was drifting around, between having an inclination to spend all my time outside the house, going shopping and to the cinema and then being stuck in for days rather aimlessly.

I had virtually no social life for a long time as everything was dominated by my parents care needs.

Things have changed a lot and I’m really finding direction and meaning on things and I’m looking to reinvent myself in a lot of ways.

I can be really shy. I usually break out of my shell after a few minutes though and gain a little confidence speaking to people, I’m polite, maybe to the extent it makes it difficult to convey my feelings at times and my voice is muffled by my automatic urge not to offend anyone.

I seem to have more confidence now. I’ve more time to myself and I’m able to have control over my life.

I’m getting my house redecorated to suit my tastes and I’ve had more money for clothes and general lifestyle costs. I can afford to eat at nicer restaurants, go to the cinema a lot and I’m looking to go to more live events, conventions and get out and about far more.

I’m looking to go a trip to London soon for about four days, maybe as soon as the end of this month.

I’m on sickness benefits for my anxiety right now but things are gradually improving for me. I’m looking to probably go into a normal full time job instead of going self employed at the moment. It would be easier for me just to get a bit of routine in my life. I’m looking to possibly do some other work projects too but I want to have a base job and be able to do something beyond that. I’m looking maybe to run a few little comics fairs and things like celebrity appearances (the on stage interview style with meet and greets) and various other things. Might look into event management as a permanent thing if I can get a start with one off events.

I want to build my confidence, be able to be a bit more sociable and be able to travel a bit and have a more varied life.
Whatever comes, you can take it and build whatever you'd like out of it. Good luck!
Life is like a roller coaster.  It has its ups and downs, but if you sit back and relax you get one heck of a ride.

NationStates: The Associated Systems of Klonor

Equality is not a loss.
My life changed a lot when my parents died. It's inevitable. But here's the way I look at it: I can do what makes me enjoy life if I just do it. It's worked pretty well for me. Smile
I’m going to a party tomorrow on Glasgow with a few friends. Not a huge affair but it’s being held in a big hotel in Glasgow and is a classy affair.

Should be fun by all accounts.
(05-06-2018, 04:52 PM)Weeto Wrote:  I’m going to a party tomorrow on Glasgow with a few friends. Not a huge affair but it’s being held in a big hotel in Glasgow and is a classy affair.

Should be fun by all accounts.

If you wanna look cool, ask for a vodka martini.........shaken, not stirred. Cool
Always be true to yourself.

Being transgender is beautiful.
Trying to think what to have for my dinner tonight.

Might order some pizza from Domino’s.

I’m just waiting for a few details for tomorrow as a friend is driving me there and we’re picking up two of her friends from Paisley in the way.

Had to get my good suit cleaned.
(05-06-2018, 04:55 PM)Lady_Hawkeye Wrote:  
Weeto dateline='<a href="tel:1525625536">1525625536</a>' Wrote:  I’m going to a party tomorrow on Glasgow with a few friends. Not a huge affair but it’s being held in a big hotel in Glasgow and is a classy affair.

Should be fun by all accounts.

If you wanna look cool, ask for a vodka martini.........shaken, not stirred. Cool

I don’t drink but I’ve gotten into having mocktails and drinks like Schloer and Appletiser which are fairly similar looking to alcoholic drinks. I’m always getting the mocktails in Hard Rock Cafe. They’re amazing.

If I keep dropping weight and getting fitter I might still go to wrestling camp. I’m 38 but it is possible to wrestle into your late 40s or even 50s, especially without carrying major injuries.
Found out the arrangements for Glasgow today. Being picked up in a Mercedes limo. Swishy!
I haven’t slept a wink all night!

It’s not even 6.30am yet but I’m buzzing. It’s a public holiday (May Day even though it has technically past by is a Bank Holiday here and those almost always fall on Mondays in the UK even if the date rolls to the following Monday) but I’ve got a nice posh party to go to with some friends and we’re probably going on to Glasgow later for a meal and some drinks although I’m sticking to my fruit flavoured fizzy drinks and mocktails.

Should be an exciting day!
Hyper buzzing now. Need to go to the store to buy a couple of bits and pieces and I need money for after the party as we’re going on to a bar.

Should be a fun day.
I'm glad things are getting better for you Weeto.
Came back from Glasgow. Was in Paisley and Linwood earlier but moved on to Glasgow. A lot of fun today.
Didn’t get to sleep until 3.30am yet I was awake about 8.00am and really got up at 8.30am.

Really buzzing and need to get on with things this morning.

I was hoping I could see my cousin earlier today as she has to repay some money to me she borrowed for a car repair. But she isn’t coming until early evening.
I’m feeling a bit weird today, not physically but more mentally. Just a kinda confused, energetic feeling. I’m too hyper at the moment.

I’ve got a lot of stuff on my mind. Not bad stuff but I’m just going at 150mph at the moment and I’m not sure if it is always good to be like this.
Upset stomach kinda ruining things. Was set to go to Glasgow for a haircut and some shopping but not sure if I can now. Might go to Braehead mall instead but not getting a haircut there again. The only hairdressing place is rotten. A young Asian guy cut my hair the last time and it was a bit uneven in length and he cut it too short in places. One of the worst haircuts I’ve had in recent times.

There is a great Turkish place locally I could go to where they are really careful and precise. Will probably go there tomorrow or Thursday. My hair isn’t long but it’s gone kinda fluffy on top.
It’s looking like I’ll be going a holiday to the South of England really soon. London for most of the week and a day trip out to Hampshire could be possible. Might not go down to Hampshire as we’re talking a 140 mile round trip (70 each way) but I’ve been promising to visit a friend there. Not impossible they could be in London but good chance they won’t be able to just jump on that week and end up in London as they run a business and they’re really busy. Would probably be easier for me to get to them. Possibility they could be out the country even when I’m down there anyway. Knowing me they’ll be in Glasgow that week. They don’t visit Scotland very often oddly enough and it’s much easier for me to visit her.

I really want to see some of the sights in the Big Smoke and go to some of the stores I heard of like Harrod’s, Fortnum & Masons and Selfridges.

Thinking of Buckingham Palace, my parents and sisters lived round the corner in London at one time. Literally round the corner from the Queen. My Dad used to walk past the palace to go to work.

There’s a big DC memorabilia exhibit on at the O2 too.
Soccer season is shutting down so unless I wait until well into the summer I have no chance of making it to an Arsenal match.

My cousin keeps telling me she goes to London regularly and her daughter throws a fit because most chain restaurants don’t carry Irn Bru in England while it is sold by the majority here in Scotland and if you go to McDonalds here you get it no problem. You can buy it in a store but it is hardly the Coke crusher it is in Scotland but a weird cult drink.
I want to visit Edinburgh too but Kiwi needs to be taken out normally and I’m not sure how to get round that. Might have to leave him in the kitchen with food and water and allow him to poop in there and clean up when I get home if necessary. Better than leaving him in the cage all day. It would likely only be a couple of hours later than normal coming back anyway.

Haven’t been in Edinburgh for a wee while... since NINETEEN EIGHTY SEVEN.

My school visited the zoo there.

Could go to the castle and other tourist stuff or just look around the city centre. Maybe I could pop Kiwi in a kennel overnight and go to Edinburgh overnight and come back the next day. It isn’t that far though and maybe I could get a late train to Glasgow and a taxi or late bus.
I’m so bored. Might do something different today.

Haven’t been to Glasgow for a while.
The local boarding service for dogs is booked into July. Need to find something else for Kiwi if I want to go to England soon.

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