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The Dr. Who Thread
I've tried to enjoy Clara's time on the show. I've tried to be interested in her. The actress seems fine.

But I can't. Not only does she bore me but I kinda want to punch her when she's on-screen. And I agree, this is utterly illogical. But it's coloring my enjoyment of Capaldi's Doctor.
[Image: 51xT5ozxP5L._AA160_.jpg] releases 10/7/2014.

The cure they desperately need just rose from the ashes of evil…

I do think they've done a better job of making her a character instead of a plot device this season but her anger felt more like a necessary plot device than a natural reaction. I felt like she should have been upset and angry BUT she shouldn't have been so clear and precise in her anger. It felt too expository.
Looking back on it Clara's upset seems like a clumsy attempt to also set up for the annual 'companionless' episode.
I liked this episode a whole lot but I'll admit I'm more on the side of Clara on this.

She's been hanging with the Doctor for a while who's been interfering with alien stuff all the time except recently, he started to ask her if he's a good man and has been somewhat slow to do the right thing without being grumpy about it and all of a sudden, in the middle of a crisis, pretty much looks at her and says "I'm not getting involved, you figure it out, see ya!" and leaves.

It would be pretty understandable that Clara wouldn't be sure he was even coming back at this point and yeah, I would've been pretty pissed off at him if he would've pulled that stunt on me too. I would've told him to f-word off too.

Imagine being stuck in a room with a bomb and the guy from the bomb squad next to you would just abandon you to it and later tell you it was in your best interest. I'm pretty sure that most of us would probably punch the guy right here and there.

I was listening to a podcast about broadcast signal intrusion and didn't know that Doctor Who had been smack in the middle of one in 1987 in Chicago.

That's pretty creepy and would've scared the crap outta me if I would've seen that as a child back then.

Always be true to yourself.

Being transgender is beautiful.
Spending the day attempting to clear off the DVR, and I'm 30 minutes into the 2nd episode: 'Into the Dalek"

wow. . this is TERRIBLE.

I hope the show gets better over the next few, as I'm struggling not to fast forward Sad
"Evil people can do some non-evil things, and most of them do. That doesn't mean they aren't evil." -- JeffereyWKramer

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OMG. . "Robots of Sherwood" was WORSE.

I"m going to keep watching my DVRed episodes, as i've been a Dr. Who fan for almost 40 years.

but sheesh..this is bad Sad
"Evil people can do some non-evil things, and most of them do. That doesn't mean they aren't evil." -- JeffereyWKramer

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FINALLY, a good episode.


not a GREAT episode. . .Moffat lost it in the final 10 minutes, and went smarmy and stupid. . but up until that point, it was a great, scary, really dark, Dr. Who episode.

hopefully the next few continue to improve on the quality.
"Evil people can do some non-evil things, and most of them do. That doesn't mean they aren't evil." -- JeffereyWKramer

[Image: tumblr_m85q1tjHv91r2yx0wo1_500.gif] [Image: tumblr_ll2yymSfI51qcyo5eo1_400.gif]
Tonight was the first episode of the new series that just felt like "The Doctor" to me.
Not one of the nicer Doctors, but still; best story yet, even though Moffat sort of wimped out on the ending again.
Viva La French Fry! Big Grin
Two weeks in a row! Cool
Another good episode, for me. Sad that two in a row seems to be the limit anymore and I expect to hate next week.
Sick to death of the sub-plot and they haven't even mentioned it in weeks.
Viva La French Fry! Big Grin
Best scene this week:

[Image: Addamsfamilytardis.gif]
Viva La French Fry! Big Grin
(10-19-2014, 10:13 PM)Flamebird Wrote:  Best scene this week:

[Image: Addamsfamilytardis.gif]

I think this has been a good season. I thought even the weaker episodes were better than a lot of stuff we've seen the last couple of seasons. I feel like Moffat has been reinvigorated by writing for Capaldi. The show is on a really good roll right now.
"The Forests of the Night".......

Oh dear.......

Well, on the one hand I really like what they were trying to do with fairy tales and the place of the Forest in many of mankinds' myths, legends, and tales. It did NOT pass my notice that Maeve wore a red, hooded coat and had a run-in with wolves.

Too much though was missing and too much technobabble handwaving. Also, again a problem that goes back to the RTD era -- the idea that people will just... "forget" stuff. For no real reason. Uggggghhhhhh.

Also, it's official now -- I actually don't like Danny Pink. He's actually insufferable, vaguely controlling, and passive aggressive. Oh, and he uses guilt trips to do the controlling stuff.

He's no Rory and never will be.
I'm really looking forward to the season finale. I'm still holding to my theory that Missy is a Time Lord/Lady. I'm thinking either The Master (Mistress, thus the name Missy, since the Master has typically been arrogant about his aliases) or that she's The Doctor, because why not?
"Dark Water" -- A.K.A. Part 1 of the Season Finale....


After a season with rather a few too many Deeply flawed episodes we FINALLY get the firecracker we've been waiting for.

I. Fucking. Love. Peter. Capaldi.

I do.

I love his facial expressions, I love his unvarnished Doctor and I love him HERE. I love his horror and his bafflement and his befuddlement and his anger. I love that he can be sentimental without being... well, sentimental ("Clara, do you really believe I think so little of you that I would let betrayal change that?")

And yes, pretty much ALL of us were right about who Missy was. Honestly though, WORST KEPT SECRET EVER!!!!

Still.... I like Missy as the new Master. There is still a touch of John Simms' madness in there but she seems to actually have more menace.

Also, slash ficcers are going to have a field day since Missy flat-out tells the Doctor she's always loved him. One could accuse Steven Moffat of 'playing it safe' though in that, while there have been those who have read those undertones being there since Simms' time (some argue since actually Roger Delgado's time), they weren't allowed to come into the open until the Master was played by a woman. So, in short, not okay for a male Master to lock lips with the Doctor but okay for a female one to.



Although a part of me is kind of ticked off that they waited until the bloody season finale. And what with the new version of the Master and Cybermen all over London and such I'm afraid the story is STILL going to be given short shrift. Which is a shame. I think I had the potential to like Danny better if they had been developing this stuff all along instead of dumping it all here at the end. I mean, okay, if they wanted to WAIT and have the big reveal that he had killed a kid be part of the season finale that's fine. They still could have done that. But the fact is that they could have been BUILDING to that big reveal. And they could have woven some stuff in to make it have MORE impact.

For example, they could have been leaving more breadcrumbs about WHY Danny chose to become a teacher. They could have given more weight to his apparent emphasis on making the kids safe in the previous story "In the Forest of the Night". They could have drawn a line to indicate that Danny chose to work with and around kids as some kind of atonement for taking the life of a child. Or they could have indicated that working around children was a kind of penance -- a way of never letting him forget what he did. Kind of like how in medieval times some monks wore hair shirts and such -- inducing discomfort in order to remind themselves of the weakness of the flesh and such.


Yes, there's some technobabble and some general handwaving of some pretty impossible technology here BUT I'm willing to forgive it because the story is strong and it involved me. And because, in the end, it left me sitting there going: "What happens next?!?!" And that's good. I haven't been that well engaged in the show so much this season.
P.S., Danny says that Clara's birthday is November 23 -- the day the first episode of Doctor Who ever aired. I considered that this works as two kinds of an in-joke -- first the obvious one -- that Clara's birthday is the same as the show's birthday. And second, that Clara's timeline became so entwined with the 11th Doctor's that she even 'shares his birthday'.
Clara simply doesn't interest me at all as a character. I like it when the Doctor interacts with others--those involved in the Dalek war, the little girl in the trees episode, the pilot and the clockwork people.

But everything to do with Clara sucks all the life out of me--and this season has been heavy on the Clara.
[Image: 51xT5ozxP5L._AA160_.jpg] releases 10/7/2014.

The cure they desperately need just rose from the ashes of evil…

One problem also is that I just don't believe in Clara and Danny's relationship. It's like the writers needed Clara to have this relationship but they didn't really want to spend the time developing it so they just kept TELLING the audience how much they cared about one another. As opposed to SHOWING us how much they cared about one another.
I also did have a *little* problem with Clara's take on betraying the Doctor.... I did not nor would I allow it to dim my overall enjoyment of the episode.... BUT......

We've seen the 10th, 11th, and now the 12th Doctors open the TARDIS doors with a snap of their fingers. Do they REALLY need a key?!

We've been shown that the TARDIS is sentient. We've been shown that she will keep someone locked in for their own safety. Do we really believe that a key would keep her from opening the doors for her beloved Doctor?!

To me it seems like the TARDIS key has become a symbol more than anything else. The Doctor giving a TARDIS key to a companion signals that he trusts them fully. Therefore the TARDIS herself should trust them and do all that she can to protect them in the absence of the Doctor.
I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only thinking the whole TARDIS keys thing kinda weird since we haven't seen him needing those quite a few Doctors ago.

Heck, isn't Clara also able to do the snapping fingers thingy too?
Always be true to yourself.

Being transgender is beautiful.
Missy/Mistress was obviously telegraphed, but none of that took away from my enjoyment of the moment. Gomez and Capaldi have incredible chemistry together and Capaldi's sheer look of terror at the reveal/realization was amazing. My only real complaint, and this is more about promotion for it, is that BBCAmerica told us last week that this would involve the Cyberman. The episode was building to a slow reveal and the elevator scene, while awesome, lost its impact for me since the stupid ads ruined it. I think Michelle Gomez could be a worthy successor to Roger Delgado.

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