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I thought it would be cool to have a thread where people could recommend their favourite books.

I'm not up to date on my reading, so I'll let someone else start the thread properly.
Currently, my A+#1 recommendation is Lumberjanes, one of the single best comics around.  It is a fun, exciting All-Ages book that really does mean All Ages; its content is cute and sex/violence/profanity-free enough to be appropriate for children, but is well-written and compelling to be enjoyed by adults.  There has not been a single issue out of the 15 so far that has been anything less than excellent, they never even went down to 'mediocre'.  Plus, the first arc came with some very  interesting back matter in the individual issues; each issue had a music playlist, and it was printed on a CD cover that (If you didn't mind cutting up your comic, and people still listened to CDs) you could cut out and put on the CD case when your burned the mix.

Tied with Lumberjanes is Rat Queens, which in many ways could not be a more dissimilar series (So much profanity and sex and violence in this one) yet still holds many elements in common.  Much like Lumberjanes realizes that All-Ages includes adults, Rat Queens realizes that 'Mature' actually means mature, and thusly includes intelligent, meaningful background and support for their stories.  Working perfectly as a standalone action/adventure series and also as a parody/loving homage to tabletop gaming and RPGs, it's just an absolute joy to read.

Only slightly behind those two is Ms. Marvel.  I'd have put them neck-and-neck, but I haven't been wowed by the most recent arc, which sadly has fallen down to 'average' levels.  Still, it's amazing enough overall where going to 'average' is a noticeable drop in quality.  Kamala Khan serves as an excellent protagonist, One of Us in her love of geeky things and being a happy, proactive character that creates a fun, exciting series.

Only slightly behind Ms. Marvel is her role-model, Captain Marvel.  Kelly Sue DeConnick's run on the character has been absolutely fantastic, with exciting and heartwarming action and adventure.  She's built up a fantastic supporting cast and embodies what I feel comic book superheroes should be.

I'll also recommend Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman, but with a caveat.  Despite being an ongoing series this is actually an anthology, every issue is written and drawn by a different creative team and is a standalone story.  This means that not every issue is going to be of standout quality, and they don't connect to each other.  However, almost every issue so far has gotten Wonder Woman.  They each and every one have shown her as a compassionate, helpful character who is capable, determined and strong (In every meaning of the word).  They get her, and it is so wonderful to be able to read her in adventures without buckets of misogyny or misandry to make my skin crawl.
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